Zkratka Význam
Abby Abyssal, Aberrant Spectres, Abyssal whip, Abyssal demon
Abn Arcane blast necklace
Acc, Acnt Account - účet
Acp Armadyl chestplate
Addy Adamant
Afk Away From Keyboard - pryč od klávesnice
Ags Armadyl godsword
Air(s) Air Rune
Alch(ing), Al Používání Low Level Alchemy nebo High Level Alchemy
Ammy, Am(s) Amulet
Ancients Ancient Magicks
Anti Anti-poison, Anti-dragon shield, Antifire, Super antifire
AntiP, Ap,SuperAP Anti-poison, Super Antipoison
AoG w:c:funorb:Armies of Gielinor - hra na téma RuneScape, lze hrát na
Arc, Arcane Arcane Spirit Shield
Ardy Ardougne
Arma Armadyl
Asg Asgarnia
Asn Arcane stream necklace
Atk, Attk, Att Attack, Role Attacker v Barbarian Assault
Ats Evil Tree - About to sprout (bude brzy klíčit)
Az Armoured zombies
Avs, Avies, Avianss, Avys Aviansies
Ava Avatar of Creation nebo Avatar of Destruction v Soul Wars, Ava's attractor nebo accumulator
Aquas Aquanites

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